Steve West

Steve West, 3rd Dan, is an MAA Certified Instructor and a Division One Registered Nurse and tertiary qualified in Bio-ethics



The Riai Aikido Association of New Zealand was established in 1977 and has dojo in New Zealand and Australia. Steve West began Aikido in 1987 and established the Melbourne Riai dojo in 2010. Riai is well known for our annual Friendship Camps when aikido students from far and wide come to train. We are affiliated with the California Aikido Association under Robert Nadeau Shihan, 7th Dan who was a direct student of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei. Nadeau Shihan travels regularly to New Zealand to lead our Friendship Camps.

Riai Aikido is led by Henry Lynch Sensei, 6th Dan at our hombu dojo, the Learning Centre, in Auckland New Zealand.







Classes held at the Girl Guides Hall Halliday Park, Mitcham

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