November 19, 2015.

The Mitcham Aikido 5th Anniversary after class photo.


October 24-26, 2015.

The 34th Riai Aikido National Friendship Festival with Richard Moon, Sensei, 6th Dan, USA. Moon Sensei, a student of Nadeau Shihan led a great weekend of training.


April 18-19, 2015, Melbourne

Seminar & Grading with Henry Lynch, 5th Dan and Danny McIntyre, 4th Dan

A successful grading for 8 students led by Henry Sensei.



October 25-27, 2104, Auckland

The 33rd Riai Aikido National Friendship Camp with Robert Nadeau, 7th Dan Shihan, USA.

Shihan returned for his tenth visit to lead Riai and other Aikido students from all over NZ in another weekend of fantastic training experience.


August 16, 2014. Melbourne

Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF)

Induction Ceremony and Training Seminar

Danny McIntyre 4th Dan teacher at the Riai Aikido Learning Centre, Auckland, NZ was honoured to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at a ceremony held in Melbourne. Danny and his wife attended along with Henry Lynch, Sensei, Head of Riai Aikido and Steve West from the Melbourne, Mitcham Dojo.

Prior to the induction ceremony, Riai members attended an interesting trianing day where a variety of martial arts were demonstrated.

Steve, Danny and Henry

Danny with Sally, a student of Mitcham Aikido


June 13-15, 2014. Auckland

Riai Aikido hosted William Gleason, 7th Dan Shihan, USA attended by Riai and Aikido students from throughout NewZealand. Shihan focussed on the internal power aspects of Aikido in a seminar with much learning.



May 10-11, 2014. Melbourne

Riai Aikido Seminar with Steve Seymour, 6th Dan of Aikido Kenkyukai International, Balmain Dojo Sydney.

Mitcham members were offered a great weekend of training under Steve Sensei who focussed on the internal power aspects of Aikido based on the teachings of William Gleason Shihan 7th Dan and similar body process as taught by Dan Harden. A fantastic seminar of learning and exploring! AKI students Simon Wong and Seng-Yew Ong joined us for the weekend as did our Aikido friend Trevor Mason.


October 12-13, 2013.

High Grade Retreat, Auckland, NZ.

Riai yudansha trained at the Learning Centre during Saturday and Sunday for new learning opportunities with invited kyu-grades led by senseis Henry Lynch, Mike Ashwell and Danny McIntyre.


April 4-6, 2013.

Riai Friendship Camp No. 32, Auckland, NZ.

See Newsletter No 2 for full article and photos.


March 2, 2013. Mitcham dojo

Seminar and Grading with Chief Instructor Henry Lynch, 5th Dan

See Newsletter No 2 for full article and photos.


December 8, 2012. 10:00am-12:00 midday

Cross-Training Session with GKR Karate

Venue: Mitcham Primary School.


November, 2012 Seminar

Mitcham Akido hosted Mike Ashwell Sensei, 5th Dan Riai teacher from Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend of November 24/25. 2012.


October, 12-14, 2012, Aukland, NZ.

Riai held its 31st annual friendship training camp under Robert Nadeau Shihan, 7th Dan. Shihan Nadeau a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei, explored the many dimensions of Aikido as transmitted by Ueshiba O Sensei.


Easter Seminar, 2012. Canberra, ACT.

Two Mitcham Aikido members, Steve West and Maurice Perry, attended this training weekend under William Gleason Sensei, 6th Dan, teacher from Boston, Massachusets, USA.


February 25, 2012:


January 12-14, 2012, Training Seminar

Suzuki Sensei, 7th Dan, from Ken Kyu Kai Aikido International.

Sensei conducted a dynamic and energetic seminar enjoyed by all.